"Scottish Snippets"

"Colour Supplement"

Each week the Rampant Scotland Newsletter includes a number of photographs which illustrate the weather and the seasons, plus the flora and fauna of the current week around Scotland. This separate "colour supplement" displays some more pictures, in a larger format. Here is this week's crop of Scottish views!

One of the prettiest varieties of Cosmos is this one, named "Seashells". With its unusual fluted petals, it comes in shades of pink, red and white as well as mixtures of these colours and each flower is up to four inches across.

Helichrysum, the so-called "Everlasting" flowers, have papery-like petals. But that didn't seem to put off this Small Tortoiseshell butterfly - there must still be nectar to be had there.

It takes a while for apples and pears to reach maturity in Scotland but these juicy red ones look ripe for eating in mid-October. And the windfall apples that fall to the ground provide a food source for both birds and butterflies such as the Red Admiral.

Culzean Castle Country Park in Ayrshire is about 12 miles from Prestwick Airport so trans-Atlantic and other aircraft often fly over on their way to land or take-off. This US-based Evergreen International Boeing 747 is a frequent visitor to Prestwick.

This Heron was hunched intently over a rock pool at Hogganfield Loch in Glasgow, waiting patiently for any passing fish. It was a dull, grey day, when this photo was taken so the bird was well camouflaged.

These bright, colourful chrysanthemums, photographed on a sunny day in the walled garden at Culzean Castle Country Park, are in marked contrast to the previous picture.

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