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Dunstaffnage Castle

Dunstaffnage was built before 1275 by the MacDougall clan, Lords of Lorne. However, there had been a stronghold here in the 7th century built by the kings of Dalriada (the kingdom of the Scots who invaded from Ireland). It was one of the places in which the Stone of Destiny was kept.

Dunstaffnage was captured in 1309 by Robert the Bruce and remained a royal castle for many years. It was transferred to the Campbells in 1470 and the hereditary Captain of Dunstaffnage remains the keeper of the castle.

Flora MacDonald, who helped Prince Charles Edward Stewart to escape after the Jacobite Uprising in 1745/46, was imprisoned in the castle in 1746. The castle is said to be haunted by a ghost in a green dress who appears when some significant event is about to happen to the Campbells.

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