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Caerlaverock Castle

One of Historic Scotland's more popular castles, this imposing, historic castle, in a lovely setting is surrounded by a moat and with marvellous views of the Solway Firth from the battlements.

The present castle was begun in 1270, built on a foundation of rock by the Maxwell family who stayed at Caerlaverock for the next 400 years.

Caerlaverock was an early siege target when King Edward I invaded in 1300. He arrived with 87 knights and 3,000 men and a contemporary account of this great siege is one of the most detailed to survive. The castle fell after a surprisingly short time and became an English stronghold during the War of Independence until 1312.

The castle is shaped like a triangular shield, with a strong double tower at one corner where the drawbridge was located. There was originally a round tower at each of the other two corners but one has crumbled away. Inside the castle is the "Nithsdale Lodging" built in 1634. This was at one time a well appointed three-storey mansion, decorated with heraldic stonework associated with the Maxwell family.

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