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Buchanan Castle

There was an original castle on this site near the village of Drymen as the seat of the Buchanans. But in 1682, because of financial difficulties, it was sold to the Graham Marquis (later Dukes) of Montrose. This building was burned down in 1850 and the present building was created, designed by William Burn with gardens modelled by "Capability" Brown.

After the death of the 5th Duke of Montrose, Buchanan Castle was sold in 1925. It was used as a hotel and then a military hospital during the Second World War. Hitler's deputy, Rudolph Hess was treated for injuries there after he crash-landed in Scotland, near Eaglesham, in May 1941.

In the 1950s, in order to avoid paying local taxes, the roof was removed and as a result the building deteriorated rapidly. Much of the surrounding land became a golf course and a number of houses have also been built in the grounds.

In 2003, a planning application was turned down to demolish the internal walls of Buchanan Castle and retain only the south and east walls. 39 flats would then have been built in the interior space of the ruin. However, it is likely that the developers will be back with alternative proposals.

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