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Twelve Months of Scottish Flowers

Here are the flowers which have been used to illustrate the section of the weekly Scottish Newsletter which includes the photos of flowers and other plants taken during the month of August.

The weather broke down on the day this picture was taken of a dahlia in the walled garden at Bellahouston Park in Glasgow - the camera (and the photographer) were sheltering under a large umbrella.
This illustration is of a Crocosmia in the Linn Botanic Garden on the Rosneath Peninsula in the Firth of Clyde. If you look closely, you can see a grasshopper on one of the petals.

These begonias were on display at the "Glasgow Show" at Victoria Park, Glasgow. This is becoming an annual flower show in one of the city's many attractive parks.
The illustrations in this section often portray individual blooms. Here is a general shot of a garden in Kirkfieldbank in Lanarkshire. As it is by the main road, I would not be surprised if it causes a few traffic accidents as people crane their necks from passing cars. Clearly the owner of this house is an enthusiastic gardener!

This illustration is of a hydrangea bush blooming in the gardens of Finlaystone House. The colour of hydrangeas can be influenced by the acidity or otherwise of the soil in which it grows, producing pink or blue - or sometimes a bit of a mixture!
This is a wild orchid, which is known by its botanical name, Dactylorhiza Fuschsii. Normally, orchids are only found in Scotland in green houses in botanical gardens. But there are a few varieties which grow in the wild - if open ground in suburban Glasgow can be described as "wild".

This photograph is of a thistle growing in a field on the edge of Glasgow. As you can see, the wasp was so busy on top of the thistle that it didn't see the camera moving in close!

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