Places to Visit in Scotland
- Museum of Transport, Glasgow

Old Glasgow Tram CarsIf you have an interest in old motor cars, steam trains, tram cars, buses or ships, this is the place for you! It is located next door to the Kelvin Hall (now a sports and recreation complex) and opposite the huge Art Gallery and Museum at Kelvingrove. Like all of Glasgow's museums and galleries, entrance is free. Lighting is good enough to allow you to take photographs without the use of flash.

Ardrishaig Belle Coach The main exhibition hall houses some of Glasgow's old transport from horse-drawn coaches (the "Ardrishaig Belle" is shown above) to tram cars and buses. Walk-ways allow you to get close to the exhibits and in the case of some of the steam trains, to get right inside the driver's cab.

Ford AngliaThe museum also has a large collection of vintage and more recent motor cars. This is set out like a motor car show-room and contains examples ranging from Rolls Royces and Bentleys to the more humble Ford Anglia (my first car was an Anglia similar to the one pictured above) and the Hillman Imp. Special exhibits include a Glasgow to London mail coach, a gypsy caravan - and the caravan used by the anti-nuclear protestors at Faslane!

Glasgow and the Clyde has had a long history of shipbuilding and the companies involved often created detailed models of their ships. Many of these have been collected by the Transport Museum and so the "Three Queens" (Queen Elizabeth I and II and Queen Mary), warships, sailing ships - and Clyde ferries, are all on display.

The collection of cycles and motor bikes includes the world's oldest surviving example of a pedal cycle. The museum has also recreated a Glasgow street of 1938 with period shop fronts, motor cars of the era parked on the cobbled street- and a reconstruction of a Glasgow Underground station.

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