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Princes Street The open outlook of the Princes Street Gardens and the castle described on the first page of this feature create a unique atmosphere, but the shops too are important, both for the residents of Edinburgh and surrounding areas and for tourists with little time to spare. However, unlike nearby George Street, which has retained much of its elegance, the shops in Princes Street are mainly multiple department stores, with a number of smaller retailers in between. Over the years, a number of modern developments have taken place which are out of character with Georgian Edinburgh. Nevertheless, the shops are well worth a visit and the notes below will help you to make the most of your time.

General Register Office of Scotland
New Register House The first building at the east end of Princes Street is the imposing Register House which was designed by Robert Adam in 1774. This houses the Public Records of Scotland and even if you are not searching for an ancestor's will, the magnificent domed rotunda inside is worth a look. Behind and to the side, is New Register House (pictured here) - the Mecca for those researching their family tree as it contains all the Old Parish Records of births and marriages (though these days all the data is also available online at Scottish Origins.

Princes Street Shops
From time to time, the shops in Princes Street change hands, but the notes below cover the most significant ones in early 2001:

Panoramic Views of Prince Street
If you would like to see some 360 degree panoramic views taken in various locations in Princes Street, you can see them at the Edinburgh Tour of a site called "The Gen".

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