Places to Visit in Scotland
- Greyfriar's Churchyard, Edinburgh

Flodden Wall The churchyard of Grey Friar's Kirk in Edinburgh has been used as a burial ground since the 16th century. Parts of the churchyard go back even further than that as it incorporates part of the "Flodden Wall" which was built after the Battle of Flodden to extend the original city of Edinburgh in 1513-1530 (but which ultimately confined the growth of Edinburgh Old Town).

After King Charles I tried to re-impose the episcopalian form of worship in Scotland, it was the minister of Greyfriars who organised the Second National Covenant in 1638 which was signed by the Scots nobility, sparking the conflicts of the next 50 years involving the Covenanters.

The churchyard contains a vast collection of monuments to many of the celebrities of Edinburgh from the 17th century onwards, including:

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