Places to Visit in Scotland
- Glencoe

The National Trust properties in Glencoe are visited by around 150,000 people each year (a number exceeded only by Culzean Castle in Ayrshire). While the memory of the infamous massacre of the MacDonalds in Glencoe in 1692 creates an atmosphere in the glen, many of the visitors come for the hill walking and interest in the geology and botany of the area. Ossian's cave, high on the face of Aonoch Dubh, is associated with the legendary Scottish bard. The fact that the main road from the south to Fort William passes through Glencoe also increases the tourist numbers.

But the visitor centre in Glencoe leaves much to be desired and at last the National Trust has recognised that something needs to be done. They have announced that a new centre will be created nearer the village of Glencoe, at the foot of the glen, and the existing one demolished. A major repair and renewal of footpaths, which have been eroded by overuse, will also be implemented. The National Trust have a well produced printed guide which not only gives helpful information about the area it also gives a balanced account of the Massacre.

You can find out more about the Massacre at Glencoe and about Glencoe itself at the National Trust for Scotland site. There is a Web page on walking in Glencoe and a selection of more photographs of the glen.

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