Birds' Eye Views of Glasgow
- Dockland Cranes

Dockland cranes

The cranes visible in this picture are at Govan wharf where ships still berth to unload their cargo (though most now unload at Greenock, 20 miles further down river). The BAE shipyards in Govan are in the large buildings to the left of the cranes.

The church in the foreground is Govan Parish Church. Govan was an important religious centre in medieval times. The site has been in ecclesiastical use longer than anywhere else in Scotland.

The church has the largest collection of Celtic stone crosses in Scotland. There are 26 on display in the church and these were the best of 46 uncovered in the churchyard in the 19tyh century. They may have originally formed a Druid Circle but were later inscribed with the symbols of Christianity. The beautifully carved Govan Sarcophogus is said to contain the relics of St Constantine who founded the Christian church here in the 6th century.

The red sandstone building to the left of the church is the Pearce Institute. This was established nearly a 100 years ago as a meeting place and library for the people of Govan by a local philanthropist.

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