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Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre

The Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre (SECC) is the largest exhibition building in Scotland. The site covers 64 acres and the internal walls of the exhibition halls can be adapted to suit any size required. With 1.5 million customers each year, it could be called Scotland's biggest "visitor attraction".

It first opened in 1985 and in its first year of operation it was voted the best in the world by the readers of the "Conferences and Exhibitions International" magazine. Locals refer to it fondly as "The Big Red Shed" though in recent years it was repainted silvery grey.

It is often used for rock and pop concerts - Bryan Adams performed in front of an all-standing audience of 12,000 in 1991, making it the largest of its kind in Britain. Exhibitions and shows such as Motor Show, Modern Homes and an annual circus at Christmas occupy the SECC on a regular basis. But its facilities have attracted a wide range of international conferences over the years.

The odd looking, silver coloured building to the right is the Clyde Auditorium - dubbed the "Armadillo" for obvious reasons by the citizens of Glasgow. It has a capacity of 3,000 and is linked by cover walk-ways to the main complex of the SECC. The multi-storey Moat House Hotel (the black looking building) is also conveniently placed for the SECC.

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