Birds' Eye Views of Glasgow
- Glasgow Tower, Science Centre and IMAX Cinema

Glasgow Tower, Science Centre and IMAX Cinema

Back on terra firma again after climbing to the observation platform of the Glasgow tower, this view shows the relative sizes of the three buildings on this Pacific Quay site. The exterior of the Glasgow Science Centre and the Imax large screen cinema (in the foreground) are made of titanium which is not only aesthetically pleasing but requires minimum maintenance. They were the first structures in Britain to be clad in this material.

The Science Centre has exhibits extending over three floors and 10,500 square metres (113,000 square feet) and will house Scotland's only Space Theatre, dedicated to the exploration of outer space. It will have link-ups with the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida whenever any important news breaks. The three floors of the building have different themes - Exploration and Discovery; Creativity and Innovation; Issues and Impact.

The Glasgow Science Centre project cost 75 million (US$112 million). Much of the funding was provided by the Millennium Commission who obtain their finance from the National Lottery but Scottish Enterprise, the European Union, Glasgow City Council and the Wellcome Trust also contributed. You can read more about the project at the Glasgow Science Centre Web Site

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