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Oor Wullie - Priceless!

When the first Oor Wullie annual was produced in 1940, who would have thought that today it would be worth more than a hand-made suit or a suite of furniture?

A first edition of the book was found in an attic when people were clearing out the house of a deceased relative. Recently the book was sold in Glasgow for 5,400.

A spokesman for the auction house said:

"Oor Wullie has fans across the globe and we knew that there would be a lot of interest in this very rare edition. "There were a lot of bids on the night, resulting in a great price for the book. Bidding was also fierce for the Broons second edition with a whopping 3000 secured at the auction.

"Along with The Broons, the Oor Wullie annual remains a must-have Christmas gift with people of all ages enjoying the mischief and wit of Wullie and his pals."

The graphic on the left is of a model of Oor Wullie in the Museum of Scotland, posed on his famous bucket.

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Tam O'Ranter
May 2014

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