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Early September Weather Breaks Records

Because our weather is so changeable, it is a popular topic of conversation as we comment to one another about how we perceive the weather each day. But it is always useful to get official figures to confirm our perceptions.

There has been a prolonged spell of settled weather, dominated by high pressure and this has meant that weather experts have reported that the first half of September has been the driest for more than 50 years

Figures to September 15 show there has been 6.7mm of rain across the UK which is just 7% of the September average of 96mm according to the Meteorological Office.

This made it the driest first half of September for the UK as a whole in records going back to 1960. It has also been the driest start to September for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland (but not England as 1997 and 2003 were drier there).

Scotland has recorded just 13.55mm of rain so far this month - 10% of the month's average. Wales has been even more parched, with less than 1% of normal rainfall and Northern Ireland had just 1.2mm rain.

The UK mean temperature so far this month has been 13.9C, which is 1.3C above the full-month average. Sunshine has also been slightly above normal with 70.8 hours for the UK - about 57% of the full month average. There have been 57.1 hours for Scotland - 54% of the full month average.

Of course, our weather being as fickle as it is, there was heavy rain in some parts of Scotland on 20 September and the forecast for the rest of the month is for "unsettled" conditions.

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May 2014

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