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Scottish Teas - Dalreoch, Perthshire

Big Price for Perthshire's Finest
The makers of a luxury Scottish tea have picked up s top accolade from the Salon de Thé awards in Paris.

The winning tea comes from a company called The Wee Tea Plantation, located in the Dalreoch Estate, Perthshire.

A pot of the tea will set you back 10 at Edinburgh's Balmoral Hotel (pictured on the left) and a tin of loose leaf from Fortnum & Mason costs 35 for 15 grams.

Traditionally grown in India, China and Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon), the producers say its plantation in Amulree benefits from the clean Scottish air, fresh spring water and good soil.

The Wee Tea Company planted 2,000 tea plants (Camelia Sinensis), making it one of the largest commercial tea plantations in Europe, and the only one in Scotland.

Despite the cost, the tea sounds absolutely fantastic according to this description from a supplier:

"This light white tea has a delicate smoky aroma to complement the natural sweetness of the tea. On the palate, expect fruity, peachy and nutty tones with a delicate initial hint of smoke. Smooth, warming and woody." Yes, this is tea they are describing, not a vintage wine...

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Tam O'Ranter
March 2015

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