Tam's Tall Tales

- Kelty Clippie

In less than two month's time (Thursday 18 September 2014), the referendum on whether Scotland should declare independence, will take place. The referendum question will be "Should Scotland be an independent country?" Scottie and I have avoided opining on this contentious topic, concentrating instead on ospreys, pipe bands and Ayrshire earlies to avoid upsetting supporters of either side.

However, we thought that a little humour never goes amiss so we are humouring an eccentric pal who has produced a series of satirical YouTubes mocking the main participants in the debate. See Kelty Clippie.

A word of explanation - the stories often use the Kelty Clippie as a sort of announcer. The lady, a fictional bus conductress, was immortalised in a catchy 1960's tune which I have always loved. Here is a spirited rendition Kelty Clippie Song.

Please give me whatever feedback comes to mind via tamfromrampant@gmail.com.

Tam O'Ranter
May 2014

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