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Thanks as always to readers who have taken the time to write. The story about the collapse in the price of Brent Crude evoked this note from Norman:

Poor old Aiberdeen - my own home town. Maybe it will have to go back to granite and fishing - the main industries when I grew up there !!

Incidentally I have lived in Alberta for almost 50 years - a Province who's main source of income is oil. Right now we are losing millions in revenue every week, but the good news is that we have gone through this on at least three occasions since my time here, and always bounced back. So hang in there, Aberdeen, and look who is in top place in the Scottish Premier !
Graphic of Aberdeen Harbour via Wikimedia Commons.

The short piece about Sir David Attenborough filming in Loch Lomond encouraged Jean to reach for her digital Basildon Bond writing paper:

As a life long naturalist, I love any story you present about the natural world, as well as those (like myself) who at an older age continue to work in and for nature.

Sir David Attenborough is a fine role model.

Evelyn wrote from Down Under after the little piece ("None for the Road") about the drink drive limit being reduced on Scotland:

This recent change (lower drink-drive limit) brings Scotland into line with Australia.

Cheers! (or maybe not as the case may be!)

I got a wee reproach from Oz about my Rangers story from Brian, who made his point gently enough:

Tam, down under not many people know about the 'gers and no one really cares. It is the usual care some have the money and others haven't. Won't say who hasn't. Rivalries is always nice but the board has to be pragmatic about things which they do not seem to be.

Getting e-mails from readers is one of my highlights. Great to share this bond over such great distances.

Yours aye


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Tam O'Ranter
January 2015

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