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Part of Field Marshall Montgomery Pipe Band at World Pipe Band Championships in 2012

Lots of Stirring Stuff Over the Summer
It has been said that the definition of a Scottish gentleman is someone who can play the bagpipes but chooses not to. For me, a pipe band is a thing of wonder and marvel, but I must admit that I enjoy the music more when played outside. The graphic on the right is of a piper from the Los Angeles Scots Pipe Band at the World Pipe Band Championships in Glasgow.

The 2014 European Championships were held at Forres on 28 June this year. You can see more on this event at Piping Hot Forres.

The 2014 British Pipe Band Championships were held at Bathgate on 31 May. There is a rather fetching shot of singing superstar Susan Boyle as "Chieftain" at the event on the the Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association (RSPBA) Web site at Susan Boyle and of the event at RSPBA Images.

The Scottish Championship is being held in Dumbarton at the end of July - fingers crossed for good weather and a really successful event.

There are more photos and competition dates and details at the RSPBA Web site including the Scottish Championships on 26 July at Dumbarton and a Calendar of Events in August which includes the most prestigious pipe band event of them all, the World Pipe Band Championship on 16 August which is being held once again at Glasgow Green. Scottie has YouTube videos on that event from previous years - When Pipers Play and World Pipe Band Championship 2012. The graphic on the left is of the Scottish Power Pipe Band.

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Tam O'Ranter
May 2014

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