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Korean Food - Graphic by Jinho Jung
Picture via Wikimedia Commons.

Haggis, North Korean Style?
The North Korean government has a restaurant in Amsterdam and a pundit thinks that Scotland might be the next in line for a new culinary experience.

The rogue state's interest in the Scottish independence referendum means Scotland is high in their Supreme Leader, Kim Jong-Un's thoughts. (Graphic of statue of Kim Jong II by J A de Roo via Wikimedia Commons). Michael Madden, editor of the North Korea Leadership Watch, said that he reckoned this might be a runner : "It would not surprise me at all if they opted to open a restaurant in Scotland."

"The Scottish independence referendum catapulted Scotland into the North Korean elite's thoughts. Despite voting 'No' they'd consider left-leaning Scotland to be more suitable to deal with than England. Plus, North Koreans love whisky. Tourists in North Korea are told to tip people in Scotch instead of the currency."

He said the restaurants were one of the few ways to experience North Korean culture without having to go there. That might be right, but Scottie and I will be sticking to haggis, Irn-Bru and fish suppers not to mention good old lentil soup.

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Tam O'Ranter
May 2014

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