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Michelle Mone - graphic © Michelle Mone via Wikimedia Commons

Uplift Bra Tycoon Moving Away From Scotland
Michelle Mone was born Michelle Georgina Allan in 1971 and made the rags to riches trip starting at the east end of Glasgow thanks to her luxurious Ultimo lingerie label, but now she has decided to move out of Scotland.

Michele obtained a marketing job with brewer Labatt and within two years was head of marketing in Scotland but later became redundant and set up her own company to create a brassiere that was both more comfortable, and better looking but creating more cleavage. She set up a company with her husband to design and produce the "Ultimo" bra. It was successfully launched in 1999, three months after the birth of her third child. The company was helped by Prince Charles' Scottish Youth Business Trust (PSYBT), and more recently the Board of Main Council, becoming the first assisted business to be invited to serve on the PSYBT Board. (Graphic of Prince Charles is via Wikimedia Commons )

After the breakdown of her marriage, she bought her husband out of the company and went into partnership with Sri Lanka-based lingerie group MAS Holdings.

However, the bra tycoon recently announced to her 926,000 Twitter followers that she had made her decision to follow her business overseas, and has decided to move away from Scotland. The businesswoman spared no disdain for 'Scottish National Party muppets' and has been subjected to furious abuse from members of that party. In 2010 Mone was awarded an OBE for her contribution to business.

She added: 'Been a long hard decision, but I'm moving away for many reasons. But Ultimo HQ will still remain. My passion & love will never die for Scotland.'

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Tam O'Ranter
May 2015

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