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- Glasgow's first ever Grannycon

Jokers to the Left, Grannies to the Right

Either way, it's time for you whippersnappers out there to release your inner pensioner at Glasgow's first ever Grannycon!

Jo Lothian, 30 (who has a pensioner age of 81), spoke about bringing the wacky group to the city. "It's a good crowd of nice people who just want to have a bit of fun and see the sights," said Jo.

"When people see us all in our outfits they think it is great and we haven't had any bad reactions.

"Two years ago one of the guys dressed up as a granddad and got a lot of female attention - from actual pensioners."

Around 100 people attended the last event and guests are free to dress up as either grannies or granddads. The event in Glasgow this year took place on February 21 - see graphic on STV.

Please give me whatever feedback comes to mind via tamfromrampant@gmail.com.

Tam O'Ranter
February 2015

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