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- February Feedback

Thanks as always to the readers who wrote to Scottie and I after the last batch of tales. It is always a high point of the month

Rick Stanley from Bangor Maine wrote:

".I never knew how much I was brought up in Scottish traditions, until I attended a hog roast in a small town south of Edinburgh, in 2005. When we all gathered in the building, for speeches, singing, stories, etc... I felt like I was back in my hometown as a child, surrounded by locals of my father's generation! I was quite shocked, and quite pleased! I have had a long love of Scotland, and Scottish culture!

He also pointed to a local firm that makes Haggis www.beansmeats.com/. They are included in the "Hot Dogs, Rolls and Other Maine Favorites" page.

Iain M ( aka 'the wee scoundrel') writes:

"Yes indeed the live haggis joke is live and well. Greyfriars Bobby pub had a sign outside that said "freshly caught haggis". Two Yanks were in front of me. I told them that was not true as gaming laws only allowed haggis to be caught in winter. My wife gave me a horrid look."

Staying with on the topic of Scottish cuisine, Allie Quinn from New Zealand wrote:

"It was good to read about Baxters as I grew up at Spey Bay and went to Milne's in Fochabers for high school. Have been to the Fochabers establishment but didn't know they had expanded so much beyond Fochabers. I am able to obtain some of their products in New Zealand - Cullen Skink being a favourite and was often made by my mother - it seems to have grown in popularity in recent times. I think it used to be regarded as a "poor man's dinner"- likewise "skirlie"but we loved it. I often wonder whether you can still get potted heid?? Keep up the good work." (The graphic here shows a bowl of Cullen Skink - that's the smoked haddock showing on top).

Frank Sutherland was moved to write by a Burns related story:

"Hello Tam. : Good stuff re. the bard. Stationed in Singapore in 1950 and got married there. Wished to set up a home there, off base, which meant entertaining some great friends who were fellow bandsmen in the Pipe Band and of course I had to obtain some Scottish music and other records appropriate for that setting.

Went to a downtown music store and believing that I was dealing with locals I asked if they stocked any records of "James Shand and recitations of Robert Burns".

Well the lassie blinked a couple of times and very quietly, in a hushed voice, said" do you mean Jimmy Shand and Rabbie Burns? "Pardon my blushes, even today! They did have those I wanted and there the story ends.

" A man`s a Man for a `that " although slightly brought down to earth by a lovely lady."

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Tam O'Ranter
February 2015

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