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- Canine Heroes Commemorated

British Commando Memorial, Spean Bridge

Memorial to Canine Commandos
A Second World War plan to train sled dogs in the Highlands to combat the Germans in WW2 has emerged. The story came out after a long-forgotten box of photographs were discovered.

The dog teams were to have been parachuted into German-occupied Norway with British Commandos to attack the atomic plant at Telemark where the Nazis were making heavy water at Rjukan (Pictured on the right) for their project to create an atomic bomb during World War II.

British commandos and Norwegian resistance fighters eventually managed to demolish small, but key parts of the heavy water production facility.

But the plan involving the dogs never came to fruition and all but one of the dogs were put down.

Recently the daughters of one of the dog handlers travelled from the US to the Glenfeshie Estate, near Aviemore (Aviemore area pictured on the left), where the training of the dogs took place. They placed a memorial on a hill in memory of the dogs.

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Tam O'Ranter
March 2015

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