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- Dumfries DJ is a Global Money Spinner

Graphic of Calvin Harris © Nicolas Keshvary via Wikimedia Commons

Scottish DJ Calvin Harris named on the Sunday Times Rich List of musicians.
The 31 year old musician Calvin Harris is worth an estimated £70m, putting him at number 30 on the UK list.

It is all a far cry from the superstar DJ's modest upbringing in Dumfries, where he was plain Adam Wiles. Now he tours the world having as an acknowledged mastery of 'deep electro disco music' and a string of hit albums under his belt.

A teacher at Dumfries High School, said that the future star showed limited promise as a youngster: " He spent most of his spare time, during the lunch break and after school, using early computer software to compose music.

"The kind of music he was putting out at the time, I just thought it was fairly repetitive and fairly monotonous stuff. But obviously I am not his market."

"I would say he wasn't the best musician I taught, but he had a lot of creative ideas."

Graphic of Calvin Harris on the right is © Émilie Bourquin via Wikimedia Commons).

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Tam O'Ranter
April 2015

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