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- Fire Up that DVD and Let's Get Stuck into the Scotch

Fire Up that DVD and Let's Get Stuck into the Scotch
Whisky guru Charles MacLean has devised an online course to help the waiting millions appreciate the water of life better.

In my experience whisky drinkers fall into two main categories. There are the ones who know what they like and just drink it. Connoisseurs are different – they are interested in where the stuff was made, what type of wood was used for the storage and any number of other fine details.

Whisky buffs like Glencairn glasses (like the one shown here) which help retain the spirit's aroma

The new course will help people move from being a simple tippler (like Scottie and myself?) to someone like the monocled author who uses the language to devastating effect : “You swirl, you nose, you think what smells it brings to mind. For me it’s like old creosote. You might say sheep dip as well. In the middle it’s getting almost like treacle toffee, a thin sweet, dark layer. Then going deeper in, there are possibly some dried fruits. Raisins and sultanas embedded in the toffee.”

The link to the new site is here: I want to know whisky It aims to inform the reader/student about 800 years of whisky’s fascinating history, take you on a virtual tour of a typical distillery and find out exactly how our national drink is crafted and discover different styles of Scotch whisky and the regions that give them flavour. Then explore whisky around the world to find out where the ‘water of life’ is also distilled. Finally , you can learn how to taste whisky like a professional, enhancing both enjoyment and appreciation.

Slàinte maith!

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Tam O'Ranter
May 2014

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