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Scots Teed Off by the Donald

The Republican front runner may have made a good job of poshing up the Turnberry Hotel and championship course, but his Klannish comments in the Presidential elections have led to quite a backlash in the UK.

An on-line petition to have him banned from the UK has attracted over 500,000 signatures. It is unlikely to have any effect, however.

In Scotland, an honorary degree bestowed by Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen has been withdrawn.

Trump got an award for 'business acumen' in 2010, a move that drew criticism at the time.

The Trump development in Menie, outside Aberdeen has been a mixed bag. The golf course he developed has won praise, but his other plans for holiday homes and lodges have not yet materialised.

The graphic here shows Menie coastline prior to the developments.

He fought hard to have a wind farm located off-shore from his Menie golf course stopped but after appealing decisions at various levels, he has lost out.

In the initial stages of his Menie golf course project he got support and praise from the then First Minister Alex Salmond. In recent weeks, Salmond (now a Member of Parliament at Westminster in London) and Trump have been in the rough, trading insults.

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Tam O'Ranter
December 2015

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