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- Forth Road Bridge - Cracked and Closed

Forth Road Bridge

Forth Road Bridge - Cracked and Closed
In December, a routine inspection revealed a small crack in the road bridge across the estuary of the river Forth between Fife and Lothian and Edinburgh. At that stage, it was said that the repair would be done in a few days.

Now it will be early January, at the earliest, before the structure is back to normal. A second road bridge, under construction and seen in the artist's impression on the right, is not scheduled to be completed until late next year.

Thousands of people are having to use the alternative Kincardine bridge, some 15 miles away, which means an extra 30 miles to/from Edinburgh. There were 11 mile traffic queues at Kincardine Bridge at peak times. The other alternative is to use overcrowded trains to commute from Fife to Edinburgh. Many who work in Edinburgh buy houses in Fife where house prices are lower than in Scotland's capital city.

The issue is a political hot potato, with the Scottish government being accused of skimping on maintenance and glossing over warning signs.

The closure is likely to have an impact on traders in Edinburgh as Christmas shoppers decide not to risk the lengthy delays to reach the Capital from Fife and further afield.

With the bridge carrying 25 million vehicles a year (up from 2 million in 1965), the 51-year-old crossing is a vital piece of infrastructure and was due to continue to take passenger vehicles even after the opening of the new Queensferry Crossing for information on the existing and planned bridge se: Forth Bridge - 50 Years On.

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Tam O'Ranter
May 2014

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