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- Haggis Ban to Be Relaxed?

We have enjoyed a glorious autumn here in Scotland - here is just one of the pictures I snapped of a tree on the turn

But as the nights draw in, what could be better on a chilly evening in December or January, than a good plate of haggis?

However since a ban placed on the delicacy in 1971 (in the reign of President Richard Milhous Nixon, would you believe?), haggis has been off the menu in American homes unless it has been made in the US.

Customs officers will have been briefed to sieze any imports and trash them forthwith.

Hope is at hand. An official Scottish government delegation — including an environment minister and a haggis expert — appears to be confident of overturning the ban.

Jim Macsween, managing director of Macsween of Edinburgh, and possibly the most famous haggis manufacturer in the world, has made the the case to US officials that there is no longer any reason to prevent Americans from eating the delicacy.

Traditionalists may not like it, but manufacturers might even agree to take sheep’s lung out of the recipe if it helps calm squeamish American health and nutrition professionals.

Hopefully the American authorities will relent in time for Burn's Night on 25 January. If not, perhaps The Donald will be on hand to exercise his powers of persuasion.

A recipe can be found here: Click here for haggis recipe (if over 18)

Bon appetit!

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Tam O'Ranter
November 2015

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