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- Nonagenarian Still Striding Out

Nonagenarian Still Striding Out

John Burns of Edinburgh is a two bowls of porridge a day man. The spritely 93 year old who is celebrating his 80th year working for a legal firm, claims that his porridge, one bowl in both morning and evening, helps fuel his work ethic which seems to defy the ravages of time. (Graphic of a bowl of porridge via Wikimedia Commons )

Such is his appetite for his jobs, the firm struggles to get him to take his holidays. They had to put him on a four-day week last month to make up for the holidays he never takes.

Mr Burns joined Wilson Terris in 1936 and has worked there ever since apart from war service in the RAF. He has held several roles in the firm but now is a messenger delivering papers to court. Younger colleagues find it difficult to keep up with him as he bounds up steep slope from his office to the court.

Graphic of Edinburgh High Court of Justiciary ©Ron Almog via Wikimedia Commons

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Tam O'Ranter
May 2014

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