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for a Scottish Break Dance?

Scottish country dancing is great fun and an excellent way to exercise in a social setting but for all the charms of the reels, it retains a bit of a fusty image.

Now the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society is seeking the help for a compilation of a new compendium of dances which will be attractive to the younger generation.

The idea is to attract submissions that fuse the genre with pop or rap music.

The society's convener, Phillip Whitley, said that innovation is required to maintain country dancing's appeal and warned against complacency.

It has asked people to submit "imaginative, creative and progressively challenging" reels and jigs to be considered for inclusion in the new book.

The society hopes the call to arms will attract hundreds of entries, after which it will whittle them down to a shortlist of around 15 new dances.

Mr Whitley, who is overseeing the new book, recalled a recent trip to New Zealand where he witnessed a group of youngsters break-dancing during the middle section of an Eightsome Reel.

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Tam O'Ranter
May 2014

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