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- Want Your Porridge in a Cone or a Slider?

Highland Folk Museum

Want Your Porridge in a Cone or a Slider?

The Highland Folk Museum in Newtonmore have teamed up with Buckie-based ice cream producer Simpsons in making a porridge flavoured ice cream.

Staff at the museum came up with the idea for the ice cream when trying to think of a food that fitted with Scotland's unpredictable summer weather.

The museum also has a traditional 1930s sweetie shop (candy store) giving visitors the chance to indulge their sweet tooth and nostalgia by buying a wee poke of traditional sweets such as ‘Soor Plums’, ‘Liquorice Comfits’, ‘Lucky Tatties’ and many more.

For those not familiar with Scottish ice cream, a "slider" is two wafers with ice cream between them - and a cone (illustrated here) is often called a "pokey hat"..

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Tam O'Ranter
May 2014

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