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Roman Abramovitch Superyacht Eclipse
(graphic © Moshi Anahory via Wikimedia Commons )

Just the Ticket for a Tycoon
Going "doon the watter" was an annual treat for generations of Glaswegians who hoped that their stay in Rothesay (pictured here) would include the odd bit of sun.

Now a Russian billionaire has added to the resort's appeal. Locals were surprised when Roman Abramovich (picture via Wikimedia Commons ) parked his super-yacht off Greenock and made the short journey to Rothesay where he cycled round Bute.

For years Rothesay looked a bit down at heel as its traditional market deserted the resort in favour of Spain and other sunny climes. Now it is on the up as Mount Stuart, the wonderful Victorian mansion built by the Marquis of Bute draws in many visitors.

The Rothesay Pavilion (pictured here), once a great venue for popular acts, is in the process of being refurbished and is due to re-open in 2017.

Abramovich's 240 million boat (picture here via Wikimedia Commons ) drew much attention from the locals. The Eclipse, which measures 536 feet long accommodates 24 guests and has a cinema, conference facilities, children's playroom, beauty salon, dance floor, two swimming pools, two helicopter pads, and sauna.

The vessel has armour-plating around Mr Abramovich's master suite, bullet-proof windows and a laser system designed to dazzle long-lens photographers.

An onlooker said: "It's a bit random but it's a magnificent boat. There's nothing else like it. It's the sort of thing that you'd only see James Bond in.

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Tam O'Ranter
July 2015

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