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Ewan McGregor Supports Theatre
Ewan Mcgregor has thrown his weight behind a campaign to secure the future of the venue where he got his first big break. (Graphic of Ewan McGregor © gdcgraphics via Wikimedia Commons.

The Star Wars star first took to the stage at Perth Theatre in 1987, when he was just 16 years old. Now the Creiff-born actor is a global personality who has thrown his weight behind a drive to restore the Edwardian auditorium.

McGregor did not enjoy his schooldays at Morrison's Academy in Creiff and left early after securing a job as a stagehand in Perth.

Despite the role being humble and modestly paid, the father-of-four is convinced it was responsible for clearing his despondency and setting him on the road to stardom.

McGregor said: "I feel like my life changed the first day I walked into Perth Theatre. It was the best thing that happened to me. It set me on my way."

However, the teenager's first acting role was not auspicious. "The week I decided to leave school the theatre needed extras for A Passage to India, so I was in. I donned a turban, blacked up and shouted: 'Asiskerjay! Asiskerjay!' I can't remember what it means, but it involved running round the audience."

Perth Theatre was constructed in 1900 and is one of Scotland's oldest and most historic repertory theatres. The theatre is undergoing a 10 million redevelopment into an arts complex to house new studio space, a youth theatre, construction workshop and a series of front of house performance areas in addition to the main focus of the conservation and restoration of the historic Edwardian auditorium.

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