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- Mystery Donor Drops 7,500 Off Behind the Till

Asda Supermarket

Mystery Donor Drops 7,500 Off Behind the Till
Staff at an Asda store in Scotland were left 'flabbergasted' after a generous donor stuffed 7,500 into a brown paper parcel and left it behind a till 'for the poor children'.

The huge sum was left untouched behind the till in an Edinburgh supermarket for two weeks - because staff believed that it was just a box of price stickers. But it was eventually opened by workers Linda Anderson and John Fawns - when it was found behind a customer service desk.

A member of staff said 'I came on shift that day and picked it up because it was time for me to put new stickers out.

'That's when I saw the note written on the back mentioning charity. No one had lifted it up before to see that. A colleague was passing so I told her I had something for her because she organises the store's charity work.

'We decided to open it and found two rolls of neatly stacked notes. I was shocked to see all that money, but we had to call the manager over because we're not allowed to handle large sums of cash on the shop floor.

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