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- Government Scolds Trump - Then Asks For Help

Government Scolds Trump - Then Asks For Help

The Scottish Government is publicly very annoyed with the Republican front runner after his 'exclude Muslims from the United States ' vow which got him a stack of column inches and not a little support.

Nicola Sturgeon stripped Mr Trump of his status as a global ambassador for Scotland and Alex Salmond, her predecessor as first minister, led calls for Mr Trump to be banned from Britain.

The graphic on the left is from a painting of "multiple views" of Trump © "Victorvictori" via Wikimedia Commons

Now it emerges that the state-owned Prestwick Airport in Ayrshire has been cosying up to the Trump organisation.

Managers at the airport have been in discussions with the Trump organisation, which owns the nearby Turnberry golf resort, to explore a commercial partnership. (Picture here shows the practise area in front of the Trump Turnberry Golf Resort).

The airport was taken over by the government in 2013 for 1. Passenger traffic peaked at 2.4 million in 2007, partly as a result of no-frills Irish airline which had an operating base there. In recent years, passenger traffic has declined, with around 900,000 passengers passing through the airport in 2014. Prestwick made losses of 4.1 million last year and managers are looking for ways to stem the cash outflow.

At one time Prestwick Airport was the only terminus allowed by the UK government to fly trans-Atlantic routes. When that monopoly was ended and flights to North America from Glasgow and Edinburgh began, Prestwick's traffic declined - and overseas flights from Scotland soared.

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Tam O'Ranter
March 2016

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