Symbols of Scotland
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Lion Rampant and Saltire Flags
There are two flags associated with Scotland. The national flag is the white St Andrew's cross (the saltire) on a blue background. Technically, the lion rampant is the flag of the sovereign - but these days it is used by anyone.

Although there is a "correct" shade of blue for the background, flag makers often use the wrong shade and weathering can also have an impact.

Saltire in the sky
According to legend, the white St Andrew's cross in a blue sky was seen before an important battle in the 9th or 10th century. When the Scots won, the symbols became the national flag.

Lion Rampant
The lion appears in a number of heraldic crests due to its perceived strength and being "king" of the beasts.

Scotland Face
The simple form of the Scottish national flag lends itself to face painting on sporting occasions.

Saltire and Old Glory
Badge manufacturers combine the Saltire with the flags of other nations - in this case, the USA. Amazing the versatility of scanners!

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