Symbols of Scotland
- Heraldic Crests

Lion Rampant
King James I was the first Scottish monarch to use a unicorn, a symbol of purity, as part of his coat of arms. It is now part of the present-day coat of arms of the monarch.
Lion Rampant
Lion Rampant
These lion rampant shields are on display in Edinburgh Castle.

King James VI Coat of Arms
This magnificent coat of arms has been recreated in Edinburgh Castle. It was originally designed for King James VI (James I of the United Kingdom) who was born in the castle. As you can see, the monarch still had claims on parts of France. In heraldic terms, this has been perpetuated to this day in the Royal coat of arms which includes a panel with the French "fleur de lys".

Royal Coat of Arms
This representation of the royal coat of arms is on the wall of the High Court in Glasgow. The royal motto of "Nemo me impune lacessit" (nobody harms me with impunity) is often translated into Scots as "Wha daur meddle wi' me?"
Lion Rampant
Lion Rampant
Some further examples of the Lion Rampant. The one on the right is displayed on the walls of Edinburgh Castle, above the entrance gate.

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