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Ford Mondeo

Turnberry Resort is very accessible from across the UK, Europe and the United States. It is on the Ayrshire coast, 55 miles south - one hour's drive - from Glasgow, with direct flights to the USA and major European capitals.

Here are Ken Scott's experiences hiring a Ford Mondeo to drive from Edinburgh to Turnberry.

Why Fordrental?
Once, in Greece I was given a rental car so old that it might have previously been hired by Captain Corelli. The only thing that worked with any reliability was the horn - which was strange as it was the most used part. Perhaps it was the memory of this that attracted me to Fordrental who advertise "the youngest most consistent fleet available in the centre of Edinburgh".

It proved to be no idle boast as the car that they provided was only a day old. In fact they operate a rotation policy that ensures that all cars are less than 12 weeks old. It also seemed the ideal opportunity to sample the Mondeo. I was curious to see why it had received so many accolades, including a Car of the Year award in 2001.

First Impressions
Ford Mondeo First impressions are important and the Mondeo cuts a certain Germanic dash. It has a more dignified look than the "new edge" design of its siblings and the alloy wheels give it a sporty feel. The inside continues this sportiness with splashes of alloy on the steering wheel, gear shift and console. Everything has a solid feel and the Ford-badge-shaped clock is a nice retro touch. The only styling flaw is with the small door mirrors.

Getting comfortable is no problem. At first the drivers seat feels high, but the electrically operated height-adjustment transforms it and an ideal position is easily found. There is also plenty of room for adult passengers and a class leading boot capacity.

Getting There
On the move the Mondeo feels positively limousine like. Heading out of town onto the M8 in the gathering dusk, the car proved a relaxed motorway cruiser. Perhaps this is nor surprising as the Mondeo is designed with the long-distance traveller in mind. The traffic slowed as we approached Glasgow, but the Mondeo kept things stress free and there are worse places to ride out a traffic jam.

More entertainment was provided as we headed south onto the B roads that would take us to Turnberry. The Mondeo is agile with a comfortable ride and has good road holding. I would not go as far as to say that it has the feel of a sports car, but it has a slick gear change and is entertaining to drive. Only occasionally does the steering feel less composed through the bends.

While the Mondeo might not be the best car in any one area, it is a great all rounder and although I might not dash out and buy one I would certainly consider renting one.

12 Annandale Street, Edinburgh, EH7 4AN.
Tel: 0131 557 0000. Fax: 0131 524 0815.

There are other Fordrental agents across Scotland. Find them via the local Yellow Pages or through the search engines.

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