Traditional Scottish Songs
- Westering Home

Westering Home is a work which is often sung by such stalwarts as Kenneth McKellar - but it still speaks to wanderers the world over who dream of returning home.

Westering Home


And it's westering home, and a song in the air,
Light in the eye, and it's goodbye to care.
Laughter o' love, and a welcoming there,
Isle of my heart, my own one.

Tell me o' lands o' the Orient gay,

Speak o' the riches and joys o' Cathay;
Eh, but it's grand to be wakin' ilk day
To find yourself nearer to Isla.

Where are the folk like the folk o' the west?

Canty, and couthy, and kindly, the best.
There I would hie me and there I would rest
At hame wi' my ain folk in Isla.

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