Traditional Scottish Songs
- There is Somebody Waiting For Me

The words and music for this song are by Harry Lauder. The words were sourced from In Celebration of Harry Lauder which not only has lots of information and illustrations about this entertainer but the words of many of his songs.

There is Somebody Waiting For Me

Once on a time, it's a very long time,
It's a year or maybe three.
I was out of a job, and I didn't have a bob.
When an old tar said to me,
"Would you like to come and have some fun,
While you're young and stout and strong?
So the very next day I sail'd away.
To this good old chanty song.

There is somebody waiting for me.
In an old cabin down by the sea.
In the land where I wish I could be.
There is somebody waiting for me.

I know a cot in a very sweet spot,
and I think of it everyday.
It is all I've got my whole job lot,
and it's miles and miles away.
There were tears and sighs and fond goodbyes.
When time came round to go,
But as I jog along I sing this song.
To myself because I know.


I know a face, it's a very sweet face,
It's the face of my best girl.
I have seen all sorts in the different ports,
as I've sail'd all round the world.
On my last trip east I'd a rare old feast,
I've the taste still on my tongue,
But when I sail'd west to my very best
Little girl again I sang-


Meaning of unusual words:
bob=a shilling (now five new pence)

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