Traditional Scottish Songs
- Waggle O' The Kilt

This song was written by Harry Lauder. The words here have been sourced via a Web site dedicated to Sir Harry Lauder where you will find a number of his other songs.

Waggle O' The Kilt

I'll never forget the day I went and join'd the "Ninety third"
The chums I used to run with said they thought I look'd absurd.
As they saluted me, and gather'd round me in a ring,
And as I wagg'd my tartan kilt they a' began to sing -

He's a braw braw Hielan' laddie, Private Jock McDade.
There's not anither soger like him in the Scotch Brigade.
Rear'd amang the heather, you can see he's Scottish built,
By the wig, wig, wiggle, wiggle, waggle o' the kilt.


I'll never forget the day we were order'd on review.
The king came down to see us, and the queen was with him too.
As I march'd by the royal coach the king just shook his head.
The queen put on her royal spec's and look'd at me and said -


I'll never forget the day we went away to camp.
But the sun was hot, I drank a lot, I was nearly dead with cramp.
I'm very nearly certain sure I would have died that day,
But the thing that saved my life was when the band began to play-


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