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- Scottish Takeaway

In April 2002 Deveron FM, a local radio station in North-east Scotland, began to broadcast a recording of a song entitled "Scottish Takeaway" about the concerns of a Scottish traveller unable to get his traditional food, especially stovies. The song became popular in the area - though it soon became known as the "Stovie Song". But since Deveron FM is the only local station to put it on its play list, it may not get into the top 20 - or 200.

Scottish Takeaway

The Great Wall of China, you can see it fae the moon,
You can walk from end to end, and not find one greasy spoon.
I'm going on my holidays to the land of the I Ching -
Is there a Scottish takeaway in Beijing ?

I love my mince and tatties, haggis, neeps and skirlie too;
If I dinna get my stovies, I dinna ken what I'll do.
Bagpipes and whisky will always make me sing,
Is there a Scottish takeaway in Beijing?


Black puddin', white puddin', porridge for my piece,
Give me Arbroath smokies and I'll stuff 'em down my face.
I think that I'll go crazy, if I don't get my cullen skink.
Is there a Scottish takeaway in Beijing?


Connoisseurs of eastern cuisine, please don't get me wrong,
I'm very partial to a bite knocked up by Mr Wong.
If I need an Indian I just give the shop a ring,
Is there a Scottish takeaway in Beijiing ?


I went down to London, stopped in at Lee Hoo Fook's.
The grub was really tasty, they done it by the books,
With chopsticks and them little bowls from the dynasty of Ming.
Is there a Scottish takeaway in Beijiing?


Don't forget the salmon, no, not him from the SNP;
I love those great big fishes that swim in from the sea,
I like mine smoked with a slice of lemon to gie it a wee bit of zing
But is there a Scottish takeaway in Beijing?


Meaning of unusual words:
skirlie=oatmeal and onions fried together
stovies=dish made from sliced potato and onions, plus small pieces of meat
Arbroath smokies=smoked haddock from Arbroath
cullen skink=fish soup
SNP=Scottish National Party (Alex Salmond is a prominent member)

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