Traditional Scottish Songs
- Will Ye go to Sheriffmuir

In the Battle of Sherifmuir a force of Jacobites led by John, 6th Earl of Mar, fought an inconclusive battle against a Hanoverian force led by John, 2nd Duke of Argyll on November 13, 1715. The Jacobite Uprising faded after this however.

Will Ye go to Sheriffmuir

Will ye go tae Sheriffmuir,
Bauld John o'Innisture,
There tae see the noble Mar
And his Hieland laddies.
A' the true men o' the north,
Angus, Huntly, and Seaforth
Scourin' on tae cross the Forth
Wi' their white cockadies.

There ye'll see the banners flare;
There ye'll hear the bagpipes rare,
And the trumpets' deadly blare
Wi' the cannons' rattle.
There ye'll see the bauld McCraws,
Camerons and Clanranald's raws
And a' the clans, wi' loud huzzas,
Rushin' tae the battle.

There ye'll see the noble Whigs,
A' the heroes o' the brigs,
Raw hides and withered wigs,
Ridin' in array, man.
Ri'en hose and raggit hools,
Sour milk and girnin' gools,
Psalm-beuks and cutty-stools,
We'll see ne'er mair, man.

Will ye go tae Sheriffmuir,
Bauld John o' Innisture,
Sic a day and sic an hour
Ne'er was in the North, man.
Sic can sights will there be seen,
And gin some be nae mista'en,
Fragrant gales will come bedeen,
Frae the waters o' Forth, man.

Meaning of unusual words:
cutty-stools=a low three-legged stool

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