Traditional Scottish Songs
- The Season Comes When First We Met

Anne Hume (1742-1821) was the wife of John Hunter, one of the most distinguished scientists and surgeons of his day. Her songs are said to "evince a delicacy of thought, combined with a force and sweetness of expression." This short, simple song of lost love displays these characteristics.

The Season Comes When First We Met

The season comes when first we met,
   But you return no more;
Why cannot I the days forget,
   Which time can ne'er restore?

O! days too sweet, too bright to last,
   Are you, indeed, for ever past?
The fleeting shadows of delight,
   In memory I trace;

In fancy stop their rapid flight,
   And all the past replace;
But, ah! I wake to endless woes,
   And tears the fading visions close!

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