Traditional Scottish Songs
- The Saftest of the Family

This song was written by Harry Lauder and Bob Deaton. The words here have been sourced via a Web site dedicated to Sir Harry Lauder where you will find a number of his other songs.

The Saftest of the Family

You've maybe heard a lot aboot wee silly Willie Winks,
Frae a lot o' folk that think they're very nice.
They're very good at givin' things ye a' think ye dinna need,
Especially what they call good advice.
Nearly all the boys I play wi' try to nak' a fule o' me,
They'd mak' you think that two and two were three.
But sometimes they get angry when I tell them to their face,
That I'm as big as them, if they're as big as me.

I'm the saftest of the family!
I'm the simple Johnnie Raw!
For ev-er-ey thing my mither blames me,
And my faither puts it on me an a'

I get porridge for my breakfast ev'ry morning when I rise,
Then my mither gets me ready for the schule.
The teacher often tells me I'm a clever boy,
I'd be clev'rer if I wisna such a fule.
But still he does'na know that Johnnie Morrison and me,
"Play truant" all the days we're not in.
Ye see he writes a 'line' for me, saying "please excuse the boy"
And so of coorse, I write an-i-ther oot for him.


My sister Mary's got a lad, he's very fond of her,
And he comes to see her nearly ev'ry nicht.
I often watch her through the keyhole sittin' on his knee,
And boys, but yon's a very funny sicht.
When I know he's goin' to call on her, I go into my room,
I know that Mary's easy put aboot.
He doesna sit and cuddle her when I am in the room,
Ye see, they give me somethin' for to get me oot.


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