Traditional Scottish Songs
- A Mither's Sang

The song below by Charles Nicol (born 1858) is typical of many that he wrote. Nicol has often been described as "The Poet of the Nursery." There are a very large number of finely written songs referring to "Bairns" and "Bairnhood" which are understood and enjoyed by many a "mither."

A Mither's Sang

Hush, my bonnie bairnie;
   Dinna greet sae sair;
Mammie noo has dune her best -
   What can she dae mair?
If my wee lass will be quiet,
   Or try to sleep a wee,
When she rises, oh, sae gran'
   Will oor housie be!

Tottie noo has fa'en asleep,
   An' her ma' is gled;
Puir wee thing, she maun be tired,
   That's her first in bed.
Na, na, na, she winna sleep;
   There she's up again!
An' dear me, what will I dae?
   If this isna pain.

Tottie, you're a waukrife thing;
   You've been up a' day,
Yet still ye winna rest;
   What'll mammie dae?
No a'e word yet I get frae her,
   But her usual cry;
Hoo I wish that she was bigger,
   An' a' this was by.

Meaning of unusual words:
bairnie = child
greet sae sair = cry so grievously
Tottie = Diminutive name for a girl
maun = must
waukrife = wakeful, sleepless

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