Traditional Scottish Songs
- Piper McNeil

This traditional song says more about the author's love of whisky than about Piper McNeil!

Piper McNeil

Ye'll a' hae heard o' Piper MacNeil
A canty chap and a coothie chiel,
And a' my days Ah lo'ed him weel
For he dearly lo'ed the whisky-o.

The whisky's guid, aye the whisky's grand,
A wee drappie o't'll dae ye nae harm,
An' Ah only wish that in my airms
Ah had a great big barrel o'Hielan whisky-o.

When Ah cam staggerin' hame ae nicht
As fou as ony man could be,
Ah struck a post an' doon Ah fell
Jist wi' a wee drappie whisky-o.


When Ah cam staggerin' up tae the door
Ma mither rase an' she slipped the bar,
But when she saw ma claes a' glar
She said 'Curse tae the Hielan whisky-o'.


Now mither ye needna angry be
And intae a passion, dinna flee,
For aye until the day Ah dee
Ah'll aye tak a wee drappie whisky-o


Meaning of unusual words:
canty=cheerful, pleasant, lively
coothie chiel=friendly, sociable young man
ae nicht=one night
slipped the bar=opened the door
ma claes a' glar=my clothes all muddy

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