Traditional Scottish Songs
- MacGregor's Gathering

Scotland owes a lot to Sir Walter Scott who re-discovered (in some cases re-invented) a great deal of Scotland's culture. Our view today of Rob Roy MacGregor and the treatment of his Clan would be somewhat different if it had not been for the story-telling of Scott. The song below was adapted to a wild gathering tune used by the MacGregors. The words are those written by Scott, rather than a version more often sung today. He alludes to the legend that the MacGregors were descended from from Griogar, a son of Alpin, king of Dalriada and to the proscription (banning by Act of the Scottish Parliament) of the MacGregor name.

MacGregor's Gathering

The moon's on the lake, and the mist's on the brae,
And the Clan has a name that is nameless by day;
Then gather, gather, gather Grigalach!
Gather, gather, gather Grigalach!

Our signal for fight, that from monarchs we drew,
Must be heard but by night in our vengeful haloo!
Then haloo, Grigalach! haloo, Grigalach!
Haloo, haloo, haloo, Grigalach!

Glen Orchy's proud mountains, Coalchuirn and her towers,
Glenstrae and Glenlyon no longer are ours;
We're landless, landless, landless, Grigalach!
Landless, landless, landless, Grigalach!

But doom'd and devoted by vassal and lord,
MacGregor has still both his heart and his sword!
Then courage, courage, courage, Grigalach!
Courage, courage, courage, Grigalach!

If they rob us of name, and pursue us with beagles,
Give their roofs to the flame, and their flesh to the eagles!
Then vengeance, vengeance, vengeance, Grigalach!
Vengeance, vengeance, vengeance, Grigalach!

While there's leaves in the forest, and foam on the river,
MacGregor despite them, shall flourish for ever!
Come then Grigalach, come then Grigalach,
Come then, come then, come then Grigalach!

Through the depths of Loch Katrine the steed shall career,
O'er the peak of Ben Lomond the galley shall steer,
The rocks of Craig-Royston like icicles melt,
Ere our wrongs be forgot, or our vengeance unfelt!
Then gather, gather, gather Grigalach!
Gather, gather, gather Grigalach!

Meaning of unusual words:
brae=steep hillside
Grigalach=Clan MacGregor

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