Traditional Scottish Songs
- Bonnie Leezie Lindsay

Bonnie Leezie Lindsay was written by Frank Folloy and Harry Lauder. The words here have been sourced via a Web site dedicated to Sir Harry Lauder where you will find a number of other songs by Sir Harry.

Bonnie Leezie Lindsay

Of sweethearts I have had a lot,
But their names and faces I've not forgot,
For as sure as I stand on this spot,
I'm in love wi' bonnie Leezie Lindsay.
When first I saw her bonnie wee face,
It was love at first sight in my case.
My heart it nearly left it's place,
When I saw my bonnie Leezie Lindsay.

For I'm coortin' bonnie Leezie Lindsay noo,
Coortin' bonnie Leezie Lindsay noo,
In ma time I have had a few,
But I'm coortin' bonnie Leezie Lindsay noo


Last winter when the frost was on
We both went skatin' on Loch Long.
Of coorse I had my troosers on,
I always do when I go skatin'!
As we went glidin' o'er the ice,
I was very near doon once or twice,
But Leezie sav'd me very very nice,
For o' me she's very very careful!


We went on a motoring tour last June,
We started frae the toon o' Troon,
Up mauntains, valleys roon' ,
Till we landed at Balmoral Castle.
So when the king and the queen saw me,
We both were invited in to tea,
Then the king said to me, I'm very pleased to see,
That yer coortin' bonnie Leezie Lindsay.

Last Chorus
"Yer coortin' bonnie Leezie Lindsay noo,
Coortin' bonnie Lindsay noo,
I would give a fiver to be you,
To be coortin' bonnie Leezie Lindsay noo"

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