Traditional Scottish Songs
- Hielan Laddie

Here is another Jacobite song. "Geordie" is the Hanoverian King George and "Charlie" is the Young Pretender, Prince Charles Edward Stewart. In the end, Charles he had to flee the battlefeld of Culloden and return to France.

Hielan Laddie

Where ha' ye been a' the day?
Bonnie laddie, Hielan' laddie.
Saw ye him that' far awa'
Bonnie laddie, Hielan' laddie.

On his head a bonnet blue
Bonnie laddie, Hielan' laddie.
Tartan plaid and Hielan' trews,
Bonnie laddie, Hielan' laddie.

When he drew his gude braid-sword,
Then he gave his royal word.
Frae the field he ne'er wad flee,
Wi' his friends wad live or dee.

Geordie sits in Charlie's chair,
But I think he'll no bide there.
Charlie yet shall mount the throne,
Weel ye ken it is his own.

Meaning of unusual words:
trews=tartan trousers (pants in North America)

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